The ongoing ‘Iron Swords’ war has cast a shadow of unprecedented adversity upon Israel and Barzilai Medical Center, which has endured two direct missile attacks. Nevertheless, amidst this horrific chaos, the hospital remains an unwavering beacon of hope, tirelessly providing essential care and treatment to many hundreds of civilian casualties and wounded IDF soldiers of war.

Amid the ongoing ‘Swords of Iron’ war, Barzilai has faced multiple direct missile attacks, including one on a Gynecology Department, an Operating Theater, and a center for underdeveloped children, leaving shattered windows in their wake. As the sole public hospital in Israel to have endured past missile attacks, Barzilai stands as a testament to strength and resilience.

With a history of past attacks, Barzilai Hospital’s comprehensive emergency protocols swiftly convert it into a war-zone facility when sirens sound. Within seconds, the staff implements these procedures, including the careful relocation of neonatal infants, fragile newborns, and critically ill patients to 2 sheltered underground facilities that are fully equippped to provide comprehensive care.

Despite the chaos and danger, the hospital’s dedicated staff remains unwavering in their commitment, treating victims from all backgrounds and providing essential medical services, no matter the adversity they face.

This ongoing war has brought unprecedented devastation to southern Israel and to the hospital, but Barzilai remains a symbol of unwavering resilience and commitment to its mission, offering hope and healing.

Iron Swords War - Doctors’ Testimonies

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